And For My Next Challenge…

The interim posters for the proposed three titles for 2016 TeleMovies

The interim posters for the proposed three titles for 2016 TeleMovies

Writing a screenplay, a dialogue based prose, is more or less different from writing an essay or narrative. Nonetheless script writers are also trying to tell us a story. I recently submitted 3 pitches or proposal for TeleMovie production to a local network studio. This will be my first. In three to four weeks from now, I expect to be notified if my proposals are accepted for some of next year’s shows. And after which there will be a story-board presentation before a panel of network executives. This first formal meeting will help us to convince the studio to pick my story ideas. But this does not mean I’m successful just yet. And the wait will continue before they finally call to say, either they liked it or “try again next time”. So you can probably imagine what I’m going through at the moment.

This is what I was told basically. From the time a submission is delivered, right until such time when the results arrived, the proposal will spend an average of five months before a the studio execs decides. And (this is the most interesting part) if any of the proposals is selected they would usually leave you one to two months of preparation time before any shooting begins! Talk about real glory… Now, I don’t really know how any other network studios works but this is to me an incredible nerve wrecking experience because when deadlines are concern, life depends on it. Perhaps a little too extreme for a writer who is so used to not having to wait. I guess on top of being restless, I’m mostly dreadfully impatient. What writer isn’t?

I couldn’t tell any of my friends about it for fear of a leak, this is according to the producers. Well, probably because I’m too afraid to jinx it. Unfortunately it had happened to me a couple of times before. And the feeling sucks. But sometimes you can’t help it when you have a hit story in your hands, can you? Well, ok. Maybe not a big hit but at least I know I’m really quite happy with my work… I even created my own (provisional) posters for all three of my submission. Obviously they will need some work but I hope those executives will find it convincing enough to accept it. (Oh God, please make them like it) So technically, by writing this blog, I’m telling the whole world about what I have been doing. This is perhaps tantamount to a massive screw up…! Because we are talking about a colossal and also irreversible) Jinx..! Then again I was thinking, what do I have to lose? But jinx or no jinx, urgh… whatever happens, happens.

And by the way, what is really the definition of a successful writing? Does it mean that when one’s work gets published, one is successful? Or maybe when the book hits the bestseller list? What about a winning script? An Oscar, perhaps? Or just a box office hit would suffice? Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won an Oscar each for best original screenplay, writing for the first time! That was really a massive achievement. I’m sure they have more success story to tell, when it comes to writing scripts.

In any case, I have no clue to what are my chances like. Network studios sometimes have a reputation of rejecting first-timers. So the next thing I should be thinking about is preparing myself for some not-so-good news… the inevitable, so they say. I might be actually giving myself too much credit than I deserved. These stories actually revolve around typical situations in everyday lives. That’s the theme that they have asked for. So I should really be happy with my work. Obviously I have made it quite unique but there is something that I sometimes do worry about — an opinion before people actually see the story. Who doesn’t? But you can’t help these reviews from happening.

Basically The three stories are, A marathon runner who is taking a new challenge by participating in a vertical marathon which is held bi-annually on New Year’s Day in “The Marathon Year”. A teenage girl who went missing on New Year’s Eve in “Missing” and a Member of Parliament who decides to tie the knot “The Wedding..”. Check out the cheesy tagline. Clearly there are challenges in creating these stories because I was always trying not to immitate.

My head said that I shouldn’t worry too much. Stay confident. The hopes and dreams. The positivity and all the focus energy. Every word my brain crafted. Four pages of profound pitching… Writing like there’s no tomorrow. Reading it repeatedly then editing for countless times. But I also know that when it was finally time to send it, my whole body was unwilling. Too afraid people would laugh at it, such amateurish product. But then after the documents were sent, the emptiness suddenly began… Now that it’s finally out of my hands, and anything that can happen, will happen. The feelings of apprehension and those little anxieties, they seem fond of getting close to my thoughts. And all because of this unnecessary and endless wait. I’ve got the network studio to thank for this reservation.

Finally it’s time to go back to what I was doing before (trying to take over world). I guess we all have to wait, then… And of course, you guys will be the first to know if there is any (just the positives) update on the matter. In this I mean my luck with the submission.


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