The World in My Thoughts… (Expanded Version)

Avoid popularity if you would have peace - Abraham Lincoln

Avoid popularity if you would have peace – A. Lincoln

As a matter of principle and a man of faith, I do respect the different ideologies that my friends choose. I am not too worried with their color nor their sexual orientation. I also have no problem getting along with people with any age because I believe that we all have the right to co-exist. Whether I or not have met any of you, I will do my utmost to understand your beliefs. But inevitably we are all really not perfect. We are actually more judgmental than we thought we were. Therefore, I hope you can forgive me for any of my shortcomings in the past. Hey, maybe some social networks sites will have to share the blame for this — (laughs). Nonetheless, you will have no less than my honesty.

For a prolonged period, we have seen so many inspirational quotes posted in the internet teaching us to be righteous and innocently making the person who post them popular. Coming from a diverse personalities, they remind us to be wise and reasonable and et cetera. But frankly, it’s hard not to be hypercritical because on many occasions, what we see are merely words to perk up our networking pages. It’s in our human nature that our own interest takes priority. For some, giving their point of view, shielded them from further exploitation. But unfortunately, as in most cases, being popular has its compulsion.

While recent arms conflicts around the world are in a worrying state, I have become increasing observant to the victims who suffered unnecessarily. Regardless of their beliefs or ethnicity, these human rights abuses are unacceptable. But here’s the thing,

“The evils of man will succeed unless the unbiased overcome the bigots.”  – Mat Atahari

Inadvertently we can be the guilty ones ourselves. But we have been punished much too leniently. Hence we should be our own counsel and file our own plea because honestly, reading out quotes will never be enough. Our naïveté are actually killing innocent lives.

These days political differences escalated into violence. Warring nations are either preparing their assault or pushing their incursion, all in the name of faultless ideologies. This cannot be justified. Countless families left homeless, their land occupied by a ruthless invaders. They become terrified by the massive ruled of fear, fueled by hatred and driven by greed for wealth and superiority. The way of life of normal people ruined beyond comprehension. Devastation to natural habitat cannot be undone. Destructive weapons becoming more advance costing at a premium while human souls are seemingly cheap. The graphic pictures are deeply heart-breaking to see. Mainstream media cannot be wrong.

Within almost every religion, bears a splitting sect. (By the way, I ask all of you to please NOT to associate Islam with the term “terrorist”. There is no Islamic terrorist, they are just, terrorist, period..) A rogue congregation that threatens civility. And this has led to deep rooted conflicts and bloodshed which actually can be avoided. I strongly condemned all its form. There are too many to name these people who are responsible for so many atrocities. But I’m sure you can name them from the land where you lived. They will find anything to discriminate against, so long as their means are met. And they will continue to mask their shameless acts with illusions of virtue. But being honest and fair starts at around us. Ideological differences are fine but fundamental human rights such as the right to live in peace cannot be allowed to be compromised. It’s strange how many world leaders come and go but the world is never better off. Modern civilization are inflicted with pain much worse than the previous generation.

I don’t have an agenda here, only a little concern about the legacy of human kind. I can’t help feeling fortunate for having accessibility to great number of things in life. However, if you can, I urge you to support the weak and the poor. The victims who are mainly helpless, crying children, defenseless women and the ailing old. They suffer endlessly by the hands of immoral aggressors who in time, will become despicable dictators. You can help by SHARE-ing legitimate news of cruelty that comes to you. This way, your government will be able to know that regular people like you and I are aware of it and we are really concern. If we are bold, our governments can be too. If we want change to actually take place, let’s make our leaders help us, to help them. Hopefully more nations will stop taking issues at others and start to realize that being JUST and resolved in their policies will help cure the ills. Advocate PEACE. Wipe off social discrimination and STOP all wars..!

I will respect whatever you choose to do next. I promise we will always be friends. Finally, thank you for your friendship. May you live prosper. God bless.


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