Two Cats And The Oven
By Mat Atahari

I once met a fella who lost his two front teeth.
He has two obese cats, a big oven, a wife itching to leave.
He really loved to bake and calls butter, margarine.
Feed the cats meatloaf but his wife, only muffins.

I never ask his name again ‘cos he told me once before.
It’s really hard to spell it out but it sounds bizarre, I swore.
The towns’ people always mock him and called his wife a tart.
For some reason he accidentally pees every time he farts.

He loved his wife dearly next to the cats and the oven.
But the wicked spouse cannot be bothered, as she gloats frequently in the tavern.
He tries hard to change his strange and difficult habits.
But it’s really not that easy when the cats loved his biscuits.
So one fine day he thought of a way to win back his wife.
Perhaps a much bigger muffin for the love of his life.
He knew she despised his felines whom he took from the street.
So he plan to bake the dough with the fatty tabbys in it.
Unfortunately for him the oven’s door is rather small.
Heavy syrup and furry stuffings were culprits for his downfall.
The sleeping kitties woke up and one of them said, “Meow..?
Then the other one gave him shivers and asked, “Well.., how about we feast on you now..?”


The End


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